Group Subsidy Partners

Let CDU support your group or diocese in its mission of lifelong learning in the faith
Providing opportunities for members of your group or diocese to learn more about the Catholic faith is a challenge. Constraints such as geography, staffing, time, and money often get in the way of providing a systemic program of study for adult faith formation, for laity who work for the Church, as well as parents, catechists, and Catholic schoolteachers. CDU can help you meet this ever-growing challenge with online courses, seminars, certificates and degree programs.

Group Subsidy Plans
These plans offer a cost-effective way for your group: parish, diocese, community to provide high quality online programs in adult faith formation delivered in a convenient, flexible, and adult-friendly format. CDU handles all the details of course registration, eliminating additional responsibilities for your staff.

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Group Subsidy Partners:

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"As a Master's candidate, I've been able to find work as a teacher in both private and public schools. Every member of the faculty, along with the administrators and staff, has encouraged and inspired me. The courses have informed my life and developed my faith in every aspect."

- Julianne Stokes