Undergraduate Courses

BIO 150. Nutrition
CHIST 314. Church History I: Early Christians to Middle Ages
CHIST 324. Church History II: Renaissance to Modern Church
CHIST 344. History of the Catholic Church in America
ECON 105. Elements of Economics
ENG 105. Introduction to Composition for Theology
ENG 110. Introduction to Literature for Theology
GREEK 101. Biblical Greek
GREEK 201. Biblical Greek II
HUM 251. Ancient Civilization
HUM 252. Christian Civilization
HUM 253. A Global Civilization
HUM 328. Introduction to Comparative Religions: Judaism and Islam
LATIN 101. Latin I
LATIN 201. Latin II
PHIL 235. Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Person
PHIL 305. Introduction to Plato and Aristotle
PHIL 311. Ethics
PHIL 315. Metaphysics
RELED 432. General Catechetics for the New Evangelization
SCRPT 303. Survey of the Old Testament
SCRPT 306. Survey of the New Testament with the CCC
SCRPT 310. Reading Scripture Theologically
SCRPT 330. Introduction to Scripture and Salvation History
SCRPT 370. The Letter to the Romans
SCRPT 371. The Gospel of St. John
SPIR 301. Applied Catholic Spirituality
THEO 101. Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part I
THEO 102. Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part II
THEO 103. The Moral Life: Living the Virtues
THEO 304. Foundations of Catholicism
THEO 313. God, Man and the Universe
THEO 332. Jesus Christ: God, Man and Savior
THEO 342. The Four Constitutions of Vatican II
THEO 353. Sacraments: Masterworks of God
THEO 418. Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas
THEO 468. Principles of Moral Theology
THEO 498. Holy Land: The Fifth Gospel
THEO 499. Italy: Crossroads of Christendom

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