Graduate Courses

CHIST 514. Church History I: Early Christians to the Middle Ages
CHIST 524. Church History II: Renaissance to Modern Church
CHIST 544. History of the Catholic Church in America
GREEK 501. Biblical Greek I
GREEK 502. Biblical Greek II
LATIN 501. Latin I
LATIN 502. Latin II
PHIL 508. Philosophy for Theology
PHIL 534. Philosophy of the Human Person
PHIL 648. Phenomenology: Truth of the World
RELED 550. Principles for Ecclesial Service
RELED 560. Principles of Catholic Education
RELED 671. Leadership for Catholic Adult Faith Formation
SCRPT 515. Biblical Foundations
SCRPT 520. Pentateuch
SCRPT 530. Introduction to Scripture and Salvation History
SCRPT 540. Isaiah and the Prophets
SCRPT 570. The Letter to the Romans
SCRPT 571. The Gospel of St. John
SCRPT 576. The Letters of St. Paul
SCRPT 662. The Synoptic Gospels
SPIR 501. Applied Catholic Spirituality
THEO 503. The Catholic Theological Tradition
THEO 510. Revelation and Faith: Fundamental Theology
THEO 551. Theology of the Sacraments
THEO 560. Fundamental Moral Theology
THEO 584. The Modern Crisis of Values and the Catholic Mind
THEO 598. Holy Land: The Fifth Gospel
THEO 599. Italy: Crossroads of Christendom
THEO 617. The Evidence for God from Contemporary Physics and Philosophy
THEO 618. Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas
THEO 631. Introduction to Christology
THEO 640. Presenting the Faith in the Modern World: Dealing with Hard Questions
THEO 641. Theology of the Church
THEO 682. Forming a Catholic World View: Catholic Social Teachings
THEO 697. Thesis Direction

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