Writer and Parish Volunteer Earns Graduate Certificate in Church History

CDU student Brewer

Cynthia Brewer has just earned her graduate certificate in Church history. She has been married to her husband, Greg, for 22 years and volunteers at St. Mary’s Parish in Victoria, Texas, the first parish established in the state. She serves as a lector, an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, an adorer of the Eucharist, and assists with the RCIA program.

“After having been the editor of The Catholic Lighthouse, the newspaper of the Diocese of Victoria, for 13 years, I retired to begin writing on my own and to go to graduate school,” she says. “Because of my love for history and because so few know the Church’s history, I chose the Graduate Certificate in Church History.”

“What I like best about CDU is that I can receive the highest quality graduate-level Catholic education through an online program for nearly the same cost of classes at a state university,” Cynthia says.  She was surprised that although the program she chose was Church history, her course load included an equal number of credits in theology. “This is important because we need to know not just what the Church has done in the past 2,000 years, but theologically why it has done so,” she says.

CDU’s courses have helped her in the process of writing both a children’s book on the Eucharist as well as a reflective journal on Pope Francis’ Misericordiae Vultus. Though she isn’t working, she is very busy editing and revising her stories and contacting publishers and agents.  In addition to seeking a publisher for her books, she is also offering to use her newfound knowledge by making presentations to CCD classes and Catechetical conferences.

Cynthia felt a sense of community in the online campus and enjoyed being able to contact her professors and fellow students whenever she needed assistance or just to check up when a student hadn’t posted for some time.

“I am thankful to my husband who has helped me to have the time to accomplish this dream. I couldn’t have done it without him,” Cynthia adds.