Brad Allan Sizemore

CDU StudentBrad Allan Sizemore is a catechist at Saint Rose of Lima Church in York, Pennsylvania. He earned his AA degree in the Liberal Arts with a concentration in Catholic Studies last year and is currently working toward his BA in Theology. “I am planning—God willing—to stay with CDU until I have earned my MA,” he says.

Brad decided to pursue a degree because as a convert to Catholicism, he felt a calling from the Lord to serve Him and His holy Church. “When one is isolated, by culture and bias, from the fullness of the truth there arises a yearning to partake of as much as that truth as possible and to share the bounty with others,” he explains.

He chose Catholic Distance University for its unwavering commitment to orthodoxy and because the online format allowed him to balance school, a full-time job and his family life. CDU’s faculty and the quality of the student body were also important considerations. “CDU has a verifiable track record of employing some of the best professors and instructors and of producing fine, well-schooled graduates,” he says.

In the short term, Brad says that his degree will assist him in his role as a catechist and as the chief teacher of his two very young daughters.

“In the long term I am certain that, wherever the Lord leads, my degree from Catholic Distance University will equip me for whatever opportunities present themselves,” he adds.

Brad values the education he is receiving at CDU. “The intellectual and spiritual pursuit of the beauty and goodness that is found in orthodox Catholic theology surpasses, in my opinion, all other mediums of human learning,” he says. “Christian theology, in a unique way, reaches beyond the purely material realm to grasp heavenward, with the mind and heart, in order that finite man might better know his infinite Creator.”