Group Subsidy Plan

This plan offers a cost-effective way for your group or diocese to provide high quality online programs in adult faith formation delivered in a convenient, flexible, and adult-friendly format. CDU handles all the details of student enrollment, so your diocesan staff won't be answering questions or processing paperwork.

Depending on the agreement with your group or diocese, a $2000 or $4000 annual fee is paid to subsidize the regular tuition rate of $165 per course or seminar. Then noncredit online courses and seminars are offered to members at a lower tuition rate which is paid by the student. The basic subsidy plan offers thirty enrollments at the reduced tuition rate, and the enhanced subsidy plan offers an unlimited number of enrollments for the agreement year, letting your group or diocese increase the number of adults receiving solid formation in a convenient, flexible, and adult-friendly format.

Subsidy partners also receive a portal on the CDU website containing information about what courses and seminars at CDU match diocesan requirements for catechetical certification, diaconate training, or any other certification programs. This plan can be used at the diocesan, parish, Catholic school, or group level.

To review the forms and agreements for this plan:
pdf Group Subsidy Plan Policies (265 KB) (Basic)
pdf Group Subsidy Plan Agreement (60 KB)(Basic)

Group Subsidy Plan Policies (Enhanced)
Group Subsidy Plan Agreement (Enhanced)