THEO 332. Jesus Christ: God, Man and Savior

3 credit course

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An introduction to Fundamental Theology, this course examines the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church as contained in the First Article of the Apostles' Creed — God the Creator, original sin, and the fall of man. Lessons include an introduction to the theology of Revelation, the relationship between Scripture and Tradition, the theory of the development of doctrine, the theology of the Trinity, Divine ProThis course examines the fundamentals of Christology as found in the Second Article of the Apostles' Creed — Jesus Christ. Students will be able to readily describe the scriptural foundations of Christology and be able to explain the doctrinal and historical developments of the theology of the natures and Person of Jesus Christ in the hypostatic union, trace Mary’s role in salvation history, and explain the grace of the Holy Spirit as an application of Christ’s redemptive work. The course offers students insights on how to apply the reflections of this course to their own individual spiritual lives.

This course includes written lectures and online discussion.


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