BIO 150. Nutrition

3 credit course

Old course number 106-3101

This course is designed as a study of the scientific principles of nutrition.  These nutrition principles apply to individuals and groups with application to meeting the nutritional needs throughout the life span from infancy through adulthood. Topics include learning about one’s own dietary habits, digestion, metabolism, and menu planning to achieve specific nutrition goals.

Upon completion of this course the student will:
Demonstrate an understanding of nutrition concepts throughout the life cycle.
Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between diet and health.
Identify appropriate food selections to meet the recommendations of health agencies.
Critically read and evaluate research articles and media nutrition information.  
Compare different food items based on nutrition labels.
Plan meals and describe issues for the nutritional needs of designated individuals/groups.

This course accesses online interactive software, power point presentations,  written lecture notes, and online discussions.

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