THEO 353. Sacraments: Masterworks of God

3 credit course

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This course studies the sacraments within the context of liturgical celebration. It further explores the scriptural and doctrinal foundations of the theology of the sacraments. The course adopts a dynamic and comprehensive approach to the study of the sacraments. It presents the sacraments as dynamic realities, the richness of which is conveyed through the process of ritualization, symbolic expression, language, and pastoral sensitivity. Fundamental to the study of the sacraments, therefore, is the understanding of the concepts of sacramentality, ritual, symbol, sign, and language, and the vital relationship between the law of prayer (lex orandi) and the law of belief (lex credendi). Each sacrament will be studied within the wider context of the Paschal Mystery. Because the seven sacraments are sacraments of faith, they aim at providing a transforming encounter with the Risen Christ. In light of this, the course will exam the meaning and pastoral implication of the conciliar teaching on full, active, and conscious participation in the liturgy.

This course includes narrated power point presentation, audio transcriptions, and online discussions.


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