THEO 418. Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas

3 credit course

Old Course Number 106-0105

This course is a basic introduction to the thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas. By looking at the backgrounds of some of the concepts that he uses along with selected articles from the Summa Theologica, his most well-known work, the student will be able to glimpse how Aquinas developed the explanations and arguments in his thought. The course includes biographical material as well as the historical material that will help make the early medieval period more comprehensible. The lion’s share of the course, however, will be spent studying articles from the Summa on God, Man, Jesus Christ, and the Sacraments. In each case, we will look at St. Thomas' way of thinking through a problem in a logical way. The object of the exercise is to watch a good theologian at work and to thereby learn something about the theological method.

This course includes narrated power point presentation, audio transcriptions, and online discussions.

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