PAST 500. Foundations in Catholic Pastoral Counseling/Pastoral Ministry

Foundations addresses the ethical issues associated with pastoral counseling and distinguishes the role of pastor, counselor, and spiritual director and proposes a model for collaboration. Learners will discover how to understand and distinguish often conflated terms such as faith, spirituality, belief, and religion.  Additionally learners will understand how spiritual issues impact psychological disorders as well as learning to identify and treat common spiritual disorders related to both the destinations (i.e., goals) and pathways (i.e., practices) of the spiritual walk (as per Dr. Ken Pargament's empirically-based approach described in Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy).  Likewise, this course will examine Fowlers’ Stages of Faith and explore the impact of attachment styles on faith development to enable pastoral counselors to evaluate the health and maturity of their clients' faith development and design appropriate strategies to facilitate growth and healing. The cases, examples, and class discussions employed throughout the course will specifically illustrate how pastoral counseling is conducted within a Catholic context.

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