CHIST 514. Church History I: Early Christians to the Middle Ages

3 credit course

This course replaces Church History, Part I  CHIST 562, 206-0501.

Church History I: Early Christians to the Middle Ages is the first of two graduate survey courses covering the whole of Catholic history. This first course examines the central themes and events in the life of the Church from the days of the Apostles to the end of the Middle Ages using text resources. Students will study the great events of the Church’s past, the development of Christian thought and belief, and the immense contributions of popes, saints, theologians, and common Christians to the progress of the Faith through the ages. Those who complete this course should be able to describe the key issues and topics related to the development of the Christian Church from the time of Christ to the end of the Middle Ages; explain the patterns of Church life from Pentecost to the start of the Renaissance and have a familiarity with the most important leaders, events, and writings; and build on the course foundation to delve deeper into Church history and to pursue other courses on specific topics related to the broader tapestry of Early and Medieval Christianity.

This course includes written lectures and online discussion.

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