LATIN 501. Latin I

3 credit course

Old course number 216-1801

The first eight lessons of this course consist of a lecture, vocabulary, and assigned exercises from the textbook. Besides these requirements, the student is expected to memorize each paradigm as they are encountered. As new concepts are encountered, the lecture will provide detail not given in the textbook, as well as each concept’s application to both English and Latin.

The vocabulary is drawn from traditional liturgical books, i.e., the Missale Romanum and the Breviarium Romanum.  Rather than primarily preparing the student to read Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars, as the traditional Latin curriculum dictates, the course instead is geared towards reading knowledge of the Vulgate Bible, the Missal and the Breviary.  Though the vocabulary acquired is derived largely from the preconciliar liturgical books, it will be equally applicable to both the Extraordinary and Ordinary Forms of the Roman Rite, as well as the other historical uses of the Latin Rite.  The grammatical instruction acquired in the course provides the foundation upon which further study of Latin, be it classical or ecclesiastical, liturgical or canonical, can build.

At completion of the course, the student will have studied:
•    The -io subgroup of the third conjugation of verbs
•    Deponent verbs
•    Relative, interrogative and indefinite pronouns
•    Additional verb forms and constructions
•    Comparison of adjectives and adverbs
•    Additional irregular verbs
•    Questions
•    Additional uses of the nominal cases

This course includes written lectures, audio pronunciation lessons, and online discussions.

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