PHIL 648. Phenomenology: Truth of the World

3 credit course

Old course number 206-1201

Prerequisite for this course:  PHIL 508 Philosophy for Theology or the three-part Philosophy for Theology one credit series: PHIL 505, PHIL 506, PHIL 507.

The Truth of the World will offer an introduction to phenomenology which is a philosophy that interprets reality according to certain presuppositions and establishes certain principles about objective reality and the knowing subject. This course will focus on phenomenology from the point of view of the Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar. The main reason for spending time on this philosophy from his perspective is that, in it, he has explained some features of Thomas Aquinas’ De Veritate (On Truth). Secondly, the methods of phenomenology underlie much of the work of Pope John Paul II, so this course will be helpful in that regard as well, even though John Paul II works more from the insights of Max Scheler.

This course includes narrated power point presentation, audio transcriptions, and online discussions.


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