THEO 641. Theology of the Church

3 credit course

request information Old course number 206-1001

This course describes how the Church is part of God’s plan of salvation. The course analyzes the structure of the Church. This leads into a comprehension of the way that the Church is at the service of mankind. The last part of the course covers the way in which the Church is a pilgrim upon this earth gathering mankind in to the heavenly banquet in the New Jerusalem. The person who completes this course will better understand the Church and so will be able to see more clearly the role of the Church in their life, in the life of their family, and in society at large. 

This course includes narrated power point presentation, audio transcriptions, and online discussions.

Please note: Because this course uses audio and flash technology, it is highly recommended that students have a high-speed internet connection and a flash player such as Adobe Flash or the Safari flash plug-in (MAC). Most will find that they already have flash. Otherwise, it is freely available on the web at Download assistance is available.

Alternatively, a written transcription of each lesson is provided online in the course room.

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