SCRPT 576. The Letters of St. Paul

3 credit course

Old course number 206-0460

This course is an introduction to the letters of St. Paul the Apostle.  In some sense, the proper starting point is Paul himself. No figure in early Christianity, aside from Jesus himself, is as crucial to our understanding of the message of the Gospel – both then and now.  Though “Saul” was a fierce opponent of the Church, his encounter with the risen Christ profoundly changes his heart, his mind and the mission of his life.  As a man taken up “in Christ” he lived to boldly proclaim the mystery of the gospel” (Eph. 6:19). Following an introduction to Paul the Apostle, the emphasis turns to “major themes” in the Pauline epistles and then a discussion of each of the epistles themselves.  Throughout the course, students will read Paul’s letters and grapple with his theological vision.  Aside from Sacred Scripture, the primary textbook is What Saint Paul Really Said by Pauline scholar N.T. Wright.

This course includes written lectures, audio lectures, and online discussions.

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