SCRPT 515. Biblical Foundations

3 credit course

Old course number 206-0402

This course is an introduction to the academic study of the Bible.  After being grounded in modern Church teachings about the nature of divine revelation, its relationship to tradition, and guidelines for interpretation, students will study Biblical interpretation in the Church and in the world, as it has evolved down through the ages.  The class will start with the Church fathers and the medieval scholastics and discuss what can be learned in their experiences in wrestling with the Biblical text.  Then students will consider how the post-Enlightenment discussion of the Bible evolved, how modern critical methods arose, what questions these methods were intended to answer, and the extent to which they succeeded and failed.  Finally, the class will discuss ways that Catholics can learn from and build upon what has been done in the past to advance the goals of Biblical interpretation in the Church.

This course includes written lectures and online discussion. This course is a 16 week course.

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