CDU Student ProfileScott Roy lives in Mission, British Columbia, Canada, with his wife, Colleen, and their six children. He has just completed the AA in the Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Catholic Studies degree and has begun working toward his BA in Theology.

Scott serves as a missionary with Catholic Christian Outreach Canada, a university campus evangelization movement, and works on campus at Simon Fraser University in the Communications Department as well. With work, family, and higher education to juggle, Scott needed to find a flexible program.

“Because I have a rather large family, I needed something that would accommodate a dynamic schedule. Also, I didn't have enough credits in my previous degree program to enter into any bachelor completion programs,” he says. “With CDU's AA program, I was able to obtain enough credits to enter into the Bachelor degree completion program.”

“Here I found a combination of orthodoxy, an immersion in great Catholic studies, flexibility in schedule, and a step towards my future goals. I didn't need any more reasons to enroll,” he says.

Scott first heard of CDU while searching for an academic program a number of years ago. However, it was a priest in the diocese who recommended CDU after one of his parishioners took a course.

“I've taken a number of diverse courses through a number of different institutions throughout my life. I would like to say that my time with Catholic Distance University has been the most rewarding of them all,” Scott says.

“The education that I have been receiving through CDU has confirmed and deepened my devotion to the Holy Trinity through the Church and Her Sacraments. As my knowledge of the Church has grown through the courses I am taking, I am falling evermore in love with Christ and His Church, and I have a better understanding of where I can go to pursue an even deeper understanding.”

One of Scott’s favorite courses was Catechism of the Catholic Church with Professor Kathy Vestermark. “Not only was her teaching and guidance helpful and encouraging, the material was compelling, educational, and life-changing.”

“The Catechism is one of the greatest gifts to the Church and I would love grow in my knowledge and understanding of its teachings which reflect the heart of the Church,” he says. “This course was not only a great introduction to it, but also helped spark that flame of excitement about knowing and experiencing Christ through our Church and Her teachings.”

When not studying or working, Scott enjoys playing guitar, singing, and spending time with his children. “We home school--and when I say ‘we’ I use the term very loosely, because my wife does most of the work by far--and I love to see and hear all the wonderful things my children learn,” he says.

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