Our Graduates Give Back

“Currently, I am a high school Theology teacher. In addition, I am also a columnist for an international website, Catholic Stand.” --Todd Nolan

“I volunteer in my parish, Hungarian Saints in Budapest, as theologian for a youth group.” --Dániel Némethy

“I volunteer and help instruct the RCIA class at my parish. Additionally, I have been teaching workshops occasionally at St. Paul of the Cross retreat center in Pittsburgh.” --Mary French

“I am currently on the editorial team for the CANews (Catholic Asia News), a monthly magazine for the Catholics in Malaysia that was launched in 1972. For the current calendar year, I am the guest editor responsible for developing the themes, sourcing articles, editing, and the distribution of the magazine in Malaysia. My MA in Theology is the primary reason I am on the editorial team and was chosen to lead the magazine for this year.” --Adrian Marcellus

“I am now co-director of the Focolare Movement North America.” --Paloma Cabetas

“I live our faith in being a witness every day in my school.  As St. Francis said, ‘Preach everywhere.  Talk when needed.’  Many times I have great conversations about our faith with my fellow teachers, but I can only teach my students our faith with how I respond and act.”--Caroline Hemling

“The MA has helped me in my volunteer work at my parish. I'm better equipped to defend the faith as well as to teach it and share with others. I'm a catechist for both the high school and adult confirmation programs. I also work with the Adult Faith Formation program.” --Shelfa Williams

“I use my degree every day in my studies and for personal growth in discipleship. On an ecclesiastical level I teach RCIA in the men's prison in Gatesville, Texas. I am also in charge of the School of Leaders for the Austin Diocese’ Cursillo Movement. My degree has also served me in my service as Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, and it has broadened my understanding of Sacred Scripture when lectoring at Mass.”--Dennis Alber

“I am a DRE at St. Tobias RC Church in Brockway, Pennsylvania, in the Diocese of Erie. I am a mentor for new religious education leaders. I also work for the diocese as a spiritual and theological director of formation for catechists and those religious ed leaders seeking certification in our Diocesan Certificate Program. I am currently helping the Diocesan Education Office to develop a standard curriculum for sacramental prep in the elementary grades.”--Tara Starr

“I am currently a deacon with the Diocese of Grand Rapids (Michigan).  I have a theology degree (Scripture) from CDU. I am using the degree in my homilies and other diaconal work.  I also assist with the formation of new deacons.” --Jerry Roersma