Intellectual Property Policy

CDU’s policy on intellectual property rights is as follows: While CDU uses a learning platform as an open source licensee, the content of the courses and classroom pedagogy are proprietary. Each faculty contract requires an agreement to respect and maintain the terms of the licensed software as well as the confidentiality of classroom design, and pedagogy specific to CDU. Faculty agrees not to share or copy such proprietary knowledge for use with other persons or entities outside of CDU. CDU's copyright includes all its courses and programs as well as their design. Faculty may use their own content in other venues, such as publishing a book, but may not present their content in CDU's format or design. Staff members are required to sign an Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement at the time of employment. Board members are also required to sign a similar agreement. Outside contractors who work for CDU are also required to sign a similar document.

CDU has trade-marked its name, the initials, "CDU," and its university seal with the US Patent Office. CDU has a disclaimer on its website stating that it is not a part of The Catholic University of America.