CDU in the News: Intellectual Ammunition

A University Without a Campus, Providing Intellectual Ammunition for the New Evangelization
Catholic Distance University celebrates 30 years of teaching Catholics the faith - so they can go out and change the world.
John Burger 21.11.2013
Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Catholic Distance University plans to celebrate its 30th anniversary the evening before Pope Francis formally brings the Year of Faith to a close.

The Year of Faith, which was called by Pope Benedict XVI, has been a time for Catholics to deepen their knowledge of the faith by studying and reflecting on the documents of the Second Vatican Council 50 years since its opening and the Catechism of the Catholic Church 20 years since its publication.
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CDU Profile: Bob Thomsen, Volunteer

Volunteering at Catholic Distance University
Posted April 1st, 2014 by Bob Thomsen.
Bob Thomsen, IVC volunteer from Northern Virginia, is currently assigned to Catholic Distance University (CDU) in Hamilton, Virginia. Bob has been with IVC for over 4 years and served at CDU since April 2013.
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CDU in the News: Interview with President Mount

More adult Catholics earning theology degrees through distance learning programs
Online courses provide a flexible, inexpensive alternative to traditional models
Stephanie Kornexl | OSV Newsweekly | 9/8/2010
Catholics interested in pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in theology don’t have to look far to find an institution of Catholic higher education.
In fact, they only have to look to their home computer. That’s because one unconventional yet increasingly popular option is now available online through distance learning programs that allow students the opportunity to earn a degree or take classes with professors who lecture and assign coursework via the Internet.
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CDU In the News: Students Worldwide

Catholic Distance University Brings Theology Studies to Students Worldwide
Catholic Identity College Guide '12
What do a computer executive commuting to Belgium from Prague, a worker on a Mississippi River steamboat, a deacon in Washington state, a homemaker in Virginia, soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and an average citizen in Australia have in common? They’re all graduates or current students at Catholic Distance University.

Not one of them had to travel to the university’s headquarters in Hamilton, Va., 50 miles west of Washington — but they take or have taken the same classes taught by major professors, interact with each other, and grow dramatically in their knowledge of the faith.
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CDU In the News: Recognition from Rome

Archbishop Fisichella commends CDU
3/27/13 | The Catholic Herald
Catholic Distance University (CDU) in Hamilton recently received a letter of acknowledgement and gratitude from the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization. In the letter, CDU was praised not only for its work in Catholic education and the new evangelization, but also for its ability to reach the faithful around the world because of its commitment to and experience in online education.
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CDU In the News: Learning and Faith

Learning and Faith
Robert Royal | MONDAY, 19 AUGUST 2013
All over the country, students and parents are already on the way to campuses this week. In a long-ago age that some of us still breathing are old enough to remember, Fall terms began in September and didn’t finish until after Christmas – the long vacation was time for writing papers and preparing for exams (at least in theory). But in the newer dispensation, we start before Labor Day so that everyone can be idle in December.
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CDU in the News: Armor of God

Put on the Armor of God through Distance Education
Mary Kate White | Fall 2013
Holy Scripture tells us to "put on the armor of God." The best way to do that is to learn more about our Catholic faith. For 25 years, Catholic Distance University has provided educational opportunities to service members, veterans, and members of military families.
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CDU in the News: Gaudium de Veritate

Advancing the Kingdom: Gaudium de Veritate
by Dana Robinson | Friday, February 24th, 2012
If this Latin phrase brings to your mind a nostalgic predilection for a patrimony both ancient and vibrant but not commonly recognized in our society, you are most likely someone who would be refreshed by the website of the Catholic Distance University ( and its motto: Joy from the Truth! It’s hard to imagine a more stirring phrase.
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CDU in the News: 2013 Gala

Catholic Distance University celebrates three decades of faith education
Ann M. Augherton | 11/26/13 | Catholic Herald  
Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde presents the Founders Award to Barbara and Tim Murphy of St. Agnes Church in Arlington for their many years of service to Catholic Distance University and to the local Catholic community as Marianne Evans Mount (left), CDU president, and the couple’s son Brian Murphy look on. Thirty years of educating the laity in faith formation and theology was the focus of the Catholic Distance University Nov. 23 gala in Arlington.
Being likened to “the humble grain of the mustard seed” planted 30 years ago, Marianne Evans Mount, CDU president, said that seed continues to foster “an invitation 24 hours a day to the living word of God.” Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde, chairman of the CDU board of trustees, gave a blessing and spoke at the event. The bishop praised CDU for its strong mission and for being “an evangelizing voice throughout the world.”
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