President Mount Speaks to the Catholic Cafe

CDU Marianne MountDo you wish you knew more about your Catholic faith? Do you think you're too far past your "college days"? Are you just too busy to do it? Many faithful Catholics feel exactly the same way! That's why we've invited Dr. Marianne Mount, President of Catholic Distance University, to join us in the Luxurious Corner Booth. We discuss not only why it's important to learn more about your faith, but how you can do it online and fit it neatly into your own personal schedule!

Click here to hear the Catholic Cafe's interview of CDU's Marianne Evans Mount.

"I want to thank CDU for offering me an amazing online education from the heart of the Church. My studies with CDU have been so enriching in all aspects of my life. As a missionary in India, there were many times when I would learn something new and the next day have an opportunity to teach it to somebody else."

- Daniel Nurse


"It was important for me to pursue a degree as a way to learn more about the Catholic faith and to grow in my relationship with God. The Bachelor completion program offered a systematic way of learning the faith while completing my Bachelor's degree, something I've wanted to finish for many years."

-Dawn Louise Johnson
BA in Theology