CDU in the News: Pioneer in Online Learning

Catholic colleges take online learning to new level
Number of students enrolled in Web-based courses is soaring due to flexibility, affordability of classes
Brian Fraga | OSV Newsweekly | 5/21/2014

... Catholic Distance University ... was one of the first higher-education initiatives in the country to offer distance learning and online educational opportunities. CDU offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree in theology, an associate’s degree in Catholic Studies, and certificates in other disciplines ...

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"I want to thank CDU for offering me an amazing online education from the heart of the Church. My studies with CDU have been so enriching in all aspects of my life. As a missionary in India, there were many times when I would learn something new and the next day have an opportunity to teach it to somebody else."

- Daniel Nurse


"As a Master's candidate, I've been able to find work as a teacher in both private and public schools. Every member of the faculty, along with the administrators and staff, has encouraged and inspired me. The courses have informed my life and developed my faith in every aspect."

- Julianne Stokes