Learning Format

All of CDU's courses are offered fully online with no residency requirement, allowing you to take every one of your classes from the convenience of home. CDU offers varied learning formats to meet the needs of adult learners. The following descriptions are provided to help explain distance education at CDU and what will work best for you.

Online Group Courses

CDU offers courses for academic credit. Classes meet:

  • asynchronously, not at the same time
  • conveniently - students choose the day and time within each week of study to log into their course rooms
  • Weekly, with assignments including participating in discussion required each week

Most courses require a term paper and proctored final exam.

Research in distance education demonstrates that interactive group classes offer the optimal learning environment. Unique to CDU is our courseroom design, which encourages interaction with the professor and other students. Each course room provides:

  • The atmosphere of a classroom with the benefits of online interaction that include full participation of all students,
  • The ability to print out the discussion,
  • A quick turnaround by your professor when you have questions,
  • A weekly lecture presented in text that can be downloaded and printed,
  • A variety of media, including audio, slides, and video,
  • A discussion area where students post questions and responses about the week's lecture,
  • Open access 24/7, which means that students can study whenever it is most convenient,
  • A preview the weekend before classes start, to review the syllabus and course requirements ahead of time.


Online, On-demand, Independent Study Courses

CDU's non-credit online courses provide adult education in basic catechetics, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Constitutions of Vatican II, the history of the Catholic Church in America, and Church teachings on Catholic morality, and Mary’s role in the Church.These courses:

  • Are prepared in the Independent study format,
  • Allow one to begin within 48 hours of registration,
  • Contain 3-6 lessons,
  • Have open book, automated assessments,
  • Require one page reflection paper or an objective final exam,
  • Are easily completed within two months that are allowed,
  • Award Continuing education units (CEU’s),
  • Provide Certificate opportunities.