Letter to the Romans

Of all of St. Paul’s letters, the Letter to the Romans is considered his theological masterpiece. Join published author Father John Worgul, an experienced online instructor with a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible, for The Letter to the Romans. This 8-week course is offered in our Winter II term at the undergraduate level as SCRPT 370 and at the graduate level as SCRPT 570. Learn more about this essential letter, one of the most influential in Church history, in which St. Paul explains how God, in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, has fulfilled all of his promises to Israel given in the Old Testament.


CDU Bishop Burbidge and LoverdeBishop Burbidge Visits

Most Rev. Michael F. Burbidge, the recently installed Bishop of Arlington, stopped by to meet CDU’s officers and trustees at a board meeting held in Arlington on February 21st.

Pictured left to right: Most Rev. Paul S. Loverde, Bishop Emeritus of Arlington and Chairman of the Board; Dr. Marianne Mount, President; and  Most Rev. Michael F. Burbidge.

CDU GiardinoMedical Doctor Earns His MA Degree in Theology

Dr. Angelo P. Giardino, a Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, received his MA degree in Theology in 2016. He also serves as Vice President/Chief Quality Officer at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. On November 5th he attended CDU’s Academic Convocation Mass at the annual gala with his wife, Eileen, where he was recognized for his academic achievements.

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CDU Accelerated MAFast Track Your Way to an MA

CDU now offers qualified undergraduate students the opportunity to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in less time and at less cost than usual! Our new MA in Theology Accelerated Track allows exceptional students who are willing to challenge themselves to count up to 9 credit hours toward both degrees. Current students in our BA completion program may apply through the Admissions Office if they meet several requirements.

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CDU Winter IIEnroll Today to Begin in March!

Registration for our Winter II term is underway. Sign up for a course today! Classes begin on March 6th.


Course Name Winter I
Winter II Summer
CHIST 514. Church History I: Early Christians to the Middle Ages - 8Wk       X   X
CHIST 524. Church History II: Renaissance to Modern Church (OSV core) - 8Wk   X     X  
CHIST 544. History of the Catholic Church in America - 8Wk     X      
ENG 501. Graduate Research Skills (core) X 2017          
GREEK 501. Biblical Greek I X          
GREEK 502. Biblical Greek II     X      
LATIN 501. Latin I         X  
LATIN 502. Latin II X          
PAST 500 - Foundations in Catholic Pastoral Counseling/Pastoral Ministry - 8Wk X          
PHIL 508. Philosophy for Theology (core) X       X  
PHIL 534. Philosophy of the Human Person         X  
PHIL 648. Phenomenology: Truth of the World     X      
RELED 550. Principles for Ecclesial Service (OSV core)         X  
RELED 560. Principles of Catholic Education (OSV core) - 8Wk      X      
RELED 671. Leadership for Catholic Adult Faith Formation     X      
SCRPT 515. Biblical Foundations - 16Wk         X  
SCRPT 520. Pentateuch - 8Wk X          
SCRPT 530. Introduction to Scripture and Salvation History (OSV core) - 8Wk    X       X
SCRPT 540. Isaiah and the Prophets     X      
SCRPT 570. Letter to the Romans - 8Wk   X        
SCRPT 571. The Gospel of St. John - 8Wk       X    
SCRPT 576. The Letters of St. Paul         X  
SCRPT 662. The Synoptic Gospels     X      
SPIR 501. Applied Catholic Spirituality (OSV core) - 8Wk   X       X
THEO 503. The Catholic Theological
Tradition *
  X X X X X
THEO 510. Revelation and Faith: Fundamental Theology (core) - 8Wk and 12Wk   X   X(8wk) X(12Wk)  
THEO 551. Theology of the Sacraments (core) X       X  
THEO 560. Fundamental Moral Theology (core) - 8Wk       X   X
THEO 584. The Modern Crisis of Values and the Catholic Mind     X      
THEO 598. Holy Land: The Fifth Gospel            
THEO 599. Italy: Crossroads of Christendom            
THEO 617. The Evidence for God from Contemporary Physics and Philosophy
(OSV core)
THEO 631. Introduction to Christology (core)     X   X  
THEO 640. Explaining and Defending the Faith (OSV core) - 8Wk            
THEO 641. Theology of the Church (core) X   X      
THEO 682. Forming a Catholic World View: Catholic Social Teachings (OSV core) - 8Wk    X     X  

* replaces THEO 500 in all programs. If you have completed THEO 500, you are not required to take THEO 503

Course Name Winter I
Winter II Summer
BIO 150. Nutrition X          
CHIST 314. Church History I: Early Christians to Middle Ages (core) - 8Wk       X   X
CHIST 324. Church History II: Renaissance to Modern Church (core) - 8Wk   X     X  
CHIST 344. History of the Catholic Church in America - 8Wk     X      
ENG 101. Undergraduate Research Skills (core) X          
ENG 105. Introduction to Composition for Theology - 8Wk X   X   X  
GREEK 101. Biblical Greek I X          
GREEK 201. Biblical Greek II     X      
HUM 171. Western Civilization, Part I (core) (8wk)         X  
HUM 271. Western Civilization, Part II (core) (8wk)     X      X
LATIN 101. Latin I         X  
LATIN 201. Latin II X          
PHIL 235. Elements of Philosophy of the Human Person - 8Wk   X        
PHIL 305. Introduction to Plato and Aristotle (core) - 8Wk     X     X
RELED 432. General Catechetics for the New Evangelization            
SCRPT 303. Survey of the Old Testament (core) (8wk)      X   X  
SCRPT 306. Survey of the New Testament with the CCC (core) (8wk) X     X    
SCRPT 310. Reading Scripture Theologically - 8Wk   X     X  
SCRPT 330. Introduction to Scripture and Salvation History - 8Wk     X     X
SCRPT 370. Letter to the Romans - 8Wk   X        
SCRPT 371. The Gospel of St. John - 8Wk       X    
SPIR 301. Applied Catholic Spirituality - 8Wk   X       X
THEO 101. Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part I (core) - 8Wk; AA degree students only X   X   X  
THEO 102. Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part II (core) - 8Wk; AA degree students only   X   X   X
THEO 103. Ethics and Morality (core) - 8Wk   X   X   X
THEO 304. Foundations of Catholicism (core) - 8Wk X   X   X  
THEO 313. God, Man and the Universe (core) - 8Wk   X   X    X
THEO 332. Jesus Christ: God, Man and Savior (core) - 8Wk X     X    
THEO 342. The Four Constitutions of Vatican II (core) - 8Wk   X     X  
THEO 353. Sacraments: Masterworks of God (core) - 8Wk X     X    
THEO 418. Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas         X  
THEO 468. Principals of Moral Theology - 8Wk   X      X  
THEO 498. Holy Land: The Fifth Gospel            
THEO 499. Italy: Crossroads of Christendom            

Making the Case for Christ


February 6-27 2017

All Catholics will appreciate this seminar as an opportunity to strengthen their faith and develop objective and persuasive reasons for belief, valuable for sharing with family and friends who may doubt the historical reality, divinity, or resurrection of Jesus. As such, this seminar will help attendees better perform the Spiritual Works of Mercy to “counsel the doubtful” and “instruct the uniformed.”


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How Are We Saved?


Mar. 13 – Apr. 3

This seminar presents Catholic Church teaching on why it was necessary for Jesus Christ to suffer and die for us and how we can accept this most precious gift of salvation. Many New Testament passages are used to explain how we are called to a three-fold response to accept God’s gift of salvation: faith, charitable good deeds, and partaking of the graces offered by the sacraments of the Church―especially Baptism and Eucharist. This understanding will help attendees understand what it takes to be saved and be better able to respond when asked, “Have you been saved?”


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 Winter I 2017  12 week  8 week
 Registration Opens 11/21/16 11/21/16
 Financing Deadline (short term payment plan sign-up closes) 12/26/16 12/26/16
 Tuition Payment Deadline 1/2/17 1/2/17
 Course Preview Opens 1/6/17 1/6/17
 First Day of Class 1/9/17 1/9/17
 Last day to register for a course 1/13/17 1/13/17
 Last Day to Drop a Course (No W on transcript) 1/20/17 1/20/17
 Last Day for any Refund or to Withdraw from class (W on transcript)  3/5/17 2/5/17
 Exams Open to students 3/29/17 3/1/17
 Last Day of Class 4/1/17 3/4/17
 Last Day to Take Final Exam 4/1/17 3/4/17
 Grades Available 4/7/17 3/10/17


Winter II 8 week
Registration Opens 11/21/16
Financing Deadline (short term payment plan sign-up closes) 2/20/17
Tuition Payment Deadline 2/27/17
Course Preview Opens 3/3/17
First Day of Class 3/6/17
Last Day to Register for a Course 3/10/17
Last Day to Drop a Course (No W on transcript) 3/17/17
Last Day for any Refund or to Withdraw from Class (W on transcript) 4/2/17
Exams Open to Students 4/26/17
Last Day of Class 4/29/17
Last Day to Take Final Exam 4/29/17
Grades Available 5/5/17

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